Awesome Entertaining Short Life Game

Awesome Entertaining Short Life Game

Dear game lovers!!!
Today I’m going to talk about a game named SHORT LIFE. It’s born for entertainment and fun time spending with the combination of latest, ultra-modern technique and unique design, this game will make over you from boringness. In other words, it’s a typical and so challenging game that, if you start to play, you may not control to stop. The game SHORT LIFE is so simple and easy that any age of men can play the game comfortably. For its simplicity and funny movements, its become more popular day and day.

There are lots of game can be found on the internet, but specific this game can turn you to an entertainment and smiling face. And this free online game developed by GameTornado. Besides, it created to attract attention and make you the feelings of playing the game immediately. In short, the combination of the obstacle and the simplicity of this game is so balanced that it’ll take you to another dimension.

Short Life is a strange and enjoying ragdoll running and jumping game, available on desktop, laptop, and mobile devices. For playing on desktop or laptop, click the link and start to play. And for playing on smartphone devices, click the link to download then install it on your smartphone device.

Tips and Tricks

The Short Life game is about accomplishing the levels without harming your body parts by taking risks, response, and great timing. And Short Life game is cover with full of obstacles like spikes, traps, mines, and other disastrous traps. So, your prime concern is to accomplishing the levels and save your body pieces intact. For example, we can say that the tips and tricks of this game are like given below:

  • Carefully choose between two [2] controls like joystick and buttons
  • Avoid obstacles and try to finish the levels with save your body pieces intact
  • Look sharply to the ideas on the screen
  • Try to get all the star to unlock new personas
  • Must avoid contact with spikes, traps, mines, bombs and other disastrous traps
  • And so on

For furthermore tips and tricks of this game, click the link and watch the video.

Game Features

The game developer creates the game with some awesome, noticeable, and fantastic features so that everyone will love the game when seeing at first sight. However, this game comes with lots of features like

  • An extra level pack with twenty [20] brand-new levels
  • Pick your ragdoll hero and complete the levels
  • Can jump, crouch, run and hold to avoid the traps
  • Unlock-able heroes
  • Many different obstacles
  • And so on

Wrapped Up

In conclusion, I want to say that it’s a game where your main goal is to guide your ragdoll hero to complete the levels without causing him to harm or dislodging any of his limbs.

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